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Teppan Hibachi Steak House


Teppan Hibachi Steakhouse
Teppan oozes sleek Oriental chi-chi in a skyward space of gleaming marbled cavernousness so high, wide and handsome that it could serve as a kitchen stadium for the Iron Chefs.


Sushi Bar
Serving the Freshest fish in Rolls, Hand Rolls, Sushi or Sashimi.

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Sushi/Sashimi/Roll Menu
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Private Dining Area
The perfect environment for a night out!

Traditional Dinner Menu

Cocktail/Piano Bar

Specialty Drink Menu
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A great place to relax and catch up over a drink and great food. On Friday and Saturday nights enjoy some live music to enhance your dining experience to a whole new level.

Hibachi Dinners at Teppan
Our Hibachi dinners combine great food with an entertaining show!

Hibachi Dinner Menu